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Uns erreichte dieses charakteristische Bild von Klaus Reinhardt - Kongress Buenos Aires 2012, Foto: Gianluca Cuozzo

Workshop of the St. Petersburg Cusanus Society, Dates: 16-17 September 2022
"The Doctrine of Nicholas of Cusa concerning the Beauty and the Aesthetics of the Renaissance"
Hybride Konferenz (online & offline) mit Prof. Dr. Oleg E. Dushin.
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Immaginazione Tecnica Responsabilità. Rinascimento e nuovi umanesimi.
Tagung der Società Cusaniana in Turin vom 8.-10. Juni 2022:   PDF-Datei anzeigen  PDF-Datei anzeigen

Lectio Cusana I vom 23.-25. April 2021
Nikolaus von Kues - "Der Laie über die Weisheit"
mit Prof. Dr. Tilman Borsche.
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Lectio Cusana II vom 14.-16. Mai 2021
Nikolaus von Kues - "Anleitung des Denkenden oder Über das Nicht-andere"
mit Prof. Dr. Tilman Borsche.
Information und Anmeldung: philosophisches-seminar

Professor Chris Bellitto is currently in charge of organizing the American Cusanus Society's panels at the International Medieval Studies Conference, which is held every year in May at Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA. He is trying to capture a wider net of scholars who would participate in future panels (in 2022-2024) as paper presenters and/or panel organizers. Our panels' themes usually cover a broad range of topics-not restricted to Cusanus studies. americancusanussociety

Vorhinweis: IV Congreso Cusano. Vom 24. bis 27. Juli 2018 in Buenos Aires. Thema und weitere Angaben folgen!

7th International Congress for Young Cusanus Scholars: Nicholas of Cusa's Books of the Idiot:
Philosophical, Theologicala and Scientific Contents.   PDF-Datei anzeigen chieti

VII. Jungcusaner Tagung Chieti-Pescara, 21.-23.09.2016.

Tagungsbericht "Universum Infinitum", 17.-18. Juni 2016, Biblioteca Nacional de Portugal, Lissabon.   

Universum Infinitum. From the German Philosopher Nicolaus Cusanus (1401–1464) to the Iberian Discoveries in the 15th Century: Ocean World in European Exploration.   

Tagung 17.-18. Juni 2016. Biblioteca Nacional de Portugal, Lissabon.

Spiritualität. Neue Ansätze im Lichte der Philosophie und Theologie des Nikolaus von Kues.   PDF-Datei anzeigen

Tagung Eichstätt, 26. bis 28. Mai 2016.

Saint Petersburg State University
Chair of the History of Philosophy
Center for Medieval Culture Studies
Chair of Museum’s Affairs and Protection for Monuments
Alexandrinsky seminar
Mendeleevskaya linia 5

The International Workshop

Christian Origins of Self-Consciousness
of European Personality

20. November 2015 (Friday), auditorium 24

10.00-10.45 – Aleksandr G. Pogonyailo (Doctor of Philosophy, Professor, St. Petersburg State University). The Practices of Confession: the Question of Description

10.45-11.30 – Konstantine S. Pigrov (Doctor of Philosophy, Professor, St. Petersburg State University). The Phenomenon of an Intimate Diary or a Confession in the Situation of «Gott ist tot»

11.30-12.00 – Coffee Break

12.00-12.45 – Roman V. Svetlov (Doctor of Philosophy, Professor, St. Petersburg State University, Russian Christian Humanitarian Academy). Would Socrates Like to Go to the Confession?

12.45-13.30 – Ercole Erculei (Magister Artes, Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn). Repentance as 'Proprium' of the Human Being: The Question about the Possibility of Conversion in the Christian and non-Christian Ancient Philosophy

13.30-15.00 – Lunch

15.00-15.45 – Vyacheslav M. Litvinsky (Candidate of Philosophy, Associated Professor, St. Petersburg State University). Confession and Reflection (based on "Confession" of Augustine)

15.45-16.30 – Konstantine A. Schmoraga (Pskov’s State University). In the searches of Unconditional: from "Confession" of Augustine till "Stalker" of Andrei Tarkovsky

17.30-19.30 – in the framework of theoretical seminars "The Actual Problems of the Philosophy of Science and Technology" and "The Idea of the University: the History and Philosophy of the European Education and Science" will be held an open lecture "The Philosophical Anthropology of William Ockham" by Doctor of Theology Vesa M. Hirvonen (University of Eastern Finland).
21. November 2015 (Saturday), auditorium 24

10.00-10.45 – Aleksandr A. Klestov (Candidate of Philosophy, St. Petersburg). The Recent Studies on the Practice of Penance and Confession of Francis of Assisi within the Spiritual Theology

10.45-11.30 – Konstantin V. Bandurovsky (Candidate of Philosophy, Associated Professor, Russian State Humanitarian University and Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, Moscow). St. Thomas Aquinas on the Seal of Confession

11.30-12.15 – Vesa Hirvonen (Doctor of Theology, University of Eastern Finland). Jean Gerson on Children's Confession

12.15-12.45 – Coffee Break

12.45-13.30 – Abigail Firey (Professor, Department of History, University of Kentucky). Beyond the Penitentials: Early Medieval Discourse on Penance
13.30-14.15 – Atria A. Larson (Doctor of Philosophy, Saint Louis University). Gratian, the Fourth Lateran Council, and the Development of the Canonical Regulation of Penance

14.15-15.30 – Lunch

15.30-16.15 – Oleg E. Dushin (Doctor of Philosophy, Professor, St. Petersburg State University). The Regulation of Family’s Relationships in the Medieval Penitentials

16.15-17.00 – Nadezda V. Alekseeva (Candidate of Historical Sciences, Associated Professor, Cherepovetsk State University). The Penitential Practice in the Context of the Reforms of Peter I.

The Cultural Program